Practice making decisions for yourself. When it comes to improving lifestyle patterns, nobody can do it better than you. Establish your priorities, set realistic goals and make changes. Enjoy the rewarding feelings of personally improving your POTS symptoms.

Remove any roadblocks. All of us can benefit from having the social support of a coach, a friend, sibling, parent or fellow POTS patient. Don’t forget the power of good friends. All of us thrive with coaches and friends. Select several of your best coaches and friends and ask them to help you achieve your goals. Suggest they give you encouragement and praise when they see you taking positive lifestyle changes.

The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them.

Turn your stumbling blocks into Stepping Stones to Recovery. POWER over POTS provides Recovery Records for increasing fluid and salt intake and exercise. Keeping Recovery Records is an essential component to a recovery program. Consider utilizing the Recovery Records like those provided in POWER over POTS to Monitor Your Progress.

Take Charge!!   

Set Goals!!   

You Too Can Recover!! 

You Too Can Gain POWER over POTS!!

Remember:  Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail