Power Over POTS

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One of my goals as a clinician is to simplify pediatric cardiology science so that families can understand, in simple straight forward language what is wrong with their child’s health. Power Over POTS, does just that and supports those children and their families struggling with this syndrome.

Hasan Abdallah

I highly recommend this terrific book. Dr. Kress has created a wonderful resource on POTS, for patients, families and even physicians alike. This book clearly takes the reader through the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and provides tools for patients to utilize to assert power over POTS.

Martin S. Kanovsky

This is an informative, understandable delineation of a common but little known illness. It is a must read for physicians, parents and patients alike. It takes the mystery out of POTS and offers real help and guidance to those dealing with the illness. It has been invaluable for me and my daughter in dealing with my grandson who has been diagnosed with POTS. For many, especially parents, it is a godsend.

John Bruno

Dr. Scheldon Kress is a specialist in Internal Medicine with over 30 years of clinical experience caring for patients and pioneering behavioral management strategies to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes with respect to weight loss, stress management, diabetes management and smoking cessation. Passionate about helping patients manage difficult to diagnose medical conditions, he became interested in POTS when several family members and friends struggled with the symptoms, proper diagnosis and effective management of POTS.

Observing the challenges of POTS first-hand, he began to provide POTS patients and their families with a better understanding of causes and potential treatments, while at the same time teaching them how to utilize an effective behavioral change program to manage their POTS symptoms. This self-directed program is a must-read for patients and families dealing with POTS to empower them to take back their lives and achieve POWER over POTS.

Five Star Reviews

Extremely helpful and informative

My daughter has been suffering these symptoms for months. She, like many others, has been misdiagnosed with neurological diseases and mental illness. Even with her heart rate being 30 beats different and multitude of symptoms, doctor was still skeptical because of her blood pressure not changing. Doctors are not educated on this syndrome and it’s extremely hard to find one that is. This has brought a lot of stress to our family, however, as her mom, I persevered, held my own and kept on researching. I came across POTS, educated myself and now we know what’s wrong and how to fix it. This book was one of the books to help us get there. Thank you for publishing this extremely helpful information!

- Praha2014, Amazon

I would like to thank Dr. Kress for writing this book and bringing much needed attention to this illness. POTS is something I have struggled with for many years and I appreciate how thorough and descriptive the book is. The first part of the book expertly describes the ins and outs of finding a diagnosis and how to recognize POTS in a patient. The second section of the book is perfect for families trying to navigate the lifestyle changes that a patient and the rest of the family go through in order to make recovery easier. The book covers all the bases for someone who is looking for more information about POTS. I will most definitely be sharing this book with friends and family and continue spreading the word of this most amazing book.

- Mary Beth, Amazon

The Best POTS Book Available!

This book was extremely helpful in helping my family understand and navigate POTS. The medical information is outstanding and the explanations for the behavioral changes necessary to improve POTS symptoms are easy to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about POTS or wants to lessen their POTS symptoms to feel better. It really is a fantastic book and I like that it is written by a medical doctor who really understands how POTS affects every aspect of a patient's life.

- Angelina, Amazon

This book was incredibly helpful in educating me and helping me manage my child's difficult medical condition.

- Karen, Goodreads