Learn how to avoid triggers, precipitating and aggravating factors. Where possible, avoid prolonged lying down, prolonged standing especially in a fixed position without leg movement and standing-up quickly. Avoid those activities that encourage pooling of blood into the lower body. Even prolonged bed rest and exercising against resistance like weight lifting can promote pooling of blood. Before standing-up, try sitting and pretend to dance with your feet on the floor …thus encouraging the venous return to the heart.

When required to stand up for an extended period of time, keep moving your legs, shifting your weight from foot to foot and contracting your thighs and buttocks muscles, thus encouraging venous return to the heart.

Avoid hot weather, excessive heat, dehydration and hot tubs. Even activities like hot showers may worsen dehydration and accentuate physical fatigue. Minimize heavy meals that encourage excessive movement of fluids from the bloodstream into the intestinal tract to aid in digestion – adding to reduction of circulating blood volume and making symptoms worse.